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  • KahliBudsTea OG Gotu Kush Kola blend is made of the highest quality Cannabis. Packed Kola, KahliBuds Kush, for improved brain function & longevity. We have carefully added 1:1 THC to CBD tea pack for a long-psycho-spiritual effect. Fill a mug and enjoy the favorite KahliBudsTea Blends. All Cannabis Plants are homegrown. At KahliBuds, we insist on using only naturally occurring ingredients which makes all products sold in store 100%pure.
    All pouches of KahliBudsTea bags contains a total of 15 bags. KahiBuds, the quality you can taste and service you can depend on!

    KahliBuds Gotu Kush Kola

    • Gotu Kola, Improves Brain Function & Longevity. Gotu Kola has been proven to increase intelligence & cognitive functioning. The psycho-spiritual effects mix with cannabis has this blend labeled as the Herb of Enlightenment. Due to Gotu Kola’s long history of safe use and the massive amount of research supporting its sizeable list of health benefits, the herb is widely popular.


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